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Unlock the Power of LED Video Walls with ITC | Why Choose ITC?

ITC is the leading distributor of LED video walls in Abu Dhabi. The company offers a wide range of products and services, from renting out screens to specialized engineering services.

ITC’s LED video walls are designed to meet the highest quality, durability, and performance standards.

We are officially certified and authorized ITC distributor based in Abu Dhabi.

Databox UAE

With ITC’s LED video walls, you can unlock the power of enhanced visuals for your projects and events.

ITC has the technology you need to make your vision come to life, whether for conferences, concerts, or other large-scale events.

Creative approach to every client

With their state-of-the-art products and services, ITC helps you create unforgettable experiences that stand out from the rest.


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203, Muzaffir Al Amery Building,
Salam Street, Abu Dhabi – 36033


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